Signing out MKMMA

Hi all,

I am deeply sorry to say this, but I am signing out. Will not be participating anymore this time.

The MKMMA has been a great experience for me. But since this affects my family relations in a bad way short term, I have to quit. I know this would be beneficial for all my loved ones in the long run, but I need their acceptance and approval to continue. As I don´t have that, and as they do not understand my journey I can not go on.

All merit to Mark, Davene and the rest. You are faboulus.

I might be able to attend this course another year, time will tell…

Take care,




12 thoughts on “Signing out MKMMA

  1. Best wishes to you on your journey. Can I tell you I understand, but we may never have the approval or acceptance of our families in that case what do we do? I realize I cannot please everyone so I am choosing to please myself as I have to live with me to the end. Again best wishes.

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    1. Insightful comment. When we undertake a journey it is almost inevitable that some people will be left behind. “I walk tall among men and they know me not, for today I am a new man, with a new life”.


  2. Sorry to hear you are leaving and thank you for signing out. I did NOT get support from my family when I did the Master Key Course the first time. In fact I was accused of being “brainwashed”, “wasting time”, “gullible” and worse. My husband is now fully supportive–he has seen the changes, and this year is doing much of the course with me. I encourage you next year to seriously give it another try. What you do with your own time is up to you, and you should certainly have an hour a day to make your own decisions plus a webinar on Sundays. All the best in acheiving your dreams.


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