MKMMA week 2 – pieces of the puzzle

So week 2 has started and boy do I feel confused. This week we are actually getting hands on exercises on how to deliberately trick our subconscious mind. It is all about linking tasks with shapes and colors, amazingly easy. To just do the little things that in the long run can affect everything for you, brilliant.

Then we had a spooky exercise regarding your PPV:s, personal pivotal needs. What your soul really needs as I interpret it. Out of 7 different needs like helping others, liberty, legacy, true health etc. we were to pick 2. But only after asking for guidance with our eyes shut and with the pen in our wrong hand. Then looking down without hesitation just pick the first two that comes into our mind. Wow, was that cool. I think I got the right ones actually, even though I did not think of those when writing them down before picking them like that. My needs picked were, Autonomy and Recognition for Creative Expression. Cool, what I always have dreamed of but never had the chance to even consider.

My problem is that I always do what I am supposed to do, not what I feel like. I always come second or third. Think about it for a moment: To be able to be absolutely free to do anything you want, and to have the absolute freedom to create without being questioned. Ah, that would be a dream worth fighting for. I have for several years now had a dream where I would go on a long journey by train to asia and visit the China Wall, all by myself. Maybe this dream is trying to tell me something.

Fact is that I actually do work best when I can do it my way and be a bit unorthodox. When I can have space to let my mind create it´s own solutions and pathways.

I am just sad that I cannot focus enough on this course and the exercises laid out for us. I now even start to see the big picture with all the pieces connecting. The exact same stuff that I have been looking at for years but never managed to lay out as a puzzle where all the pieces connect to each other.

You have the mindset in Mandino, you have the plan in Hill, you have the tools in the Key and last but not least you have the exercises to affect and use your subconscious mind.

I am grateful



7 thoughts on “MKMMA week 2 – pieces of the puzzle

  1. I got the opportunity to visit the Great Wall when I was in college (way back in 1982 ..). It’s an amazing structure, definitely worth seeing!


  2. The journey of self-discovery. Love this post and will continue to follow. As you continue to put all the pieces together you will use the key to unlock your future. That’s so exciting! Great post!!

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